JESUS, I believe

For our “Held and Beloved” online study friends…

This song has been a favorite on my morning runs for a long time, but especially while working on CHAPTER FOUR… and these lyrics mean so much more to me today, facing uncharted territory in our history. We don’t know what today will bring, let alone next week. These words speak the cry of my heart… I need to hear from Him. I need to know it is Him. I need to remember that what seems impossible to me is already accomplished reality for our GOD!

Please enjoy their official lyric video here:

JESUS I BELIEVE by Big Daddy Weave

“I wanna walk with You JESUS
Feel your presence
And know You’re near
I wanna see You JESUS
Move in power
And cast out fear
I need to hear You now
I need to know it’s You
I’m standing on your promises
I know your Word is true
You’re bigger what I see
It’s You and in exchange for me
‘Cause even the impossible can be reality
JESUS I believe”


How is the LORD making Himself real to you today?

What words of promise speak peace and confidence to your heart?

What new reality is He helping you to see, giving you the courage to rest in, despite unsettling circumstances?

How has He shown you that He is bigger than all that threatens to defeat and exhaust us?

“LORD, I believe; help my unbelief!” – Mark 9:24

As the LORD leads you, please share below? … let’s encourage one another’s hearts, speaking His truth that brings peace and life and HOPE! 

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