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mom 2 massanutten (43)

Jack of all trades, to some degree, I have attempted a little bit of everything … a little tennis, a little artwork, a little gardening, a little ballet, tap & jazz, a little sailing, a little running, a little teaching, a little singing, a little baking, a little photography… you get the idea!  Although I may never be show-stopping in any of these areas, I enjoy all of them!  I am thankful for the chance to try each one and to celebrate every accomplishment, small or big!  Each new venture has put a smile on my face and brought joy to my heart.  I don’t always feel brave, but each determined step of breaking out of my comfort zone helps me to be less calculated and more courageous!

A few things help me be brave.  My husband of almost 20 years is my biggest cheerleader and brings much needed balance to my intense and sometimes “whacko-redhead” moments!  On more than one occasion, he has forged ahead with our next move when I wasn’t quite ready.  But God knew what He was doing when He blessed me with this man.  He sees things in me I never would have believed were there.  He leads me into new and exciting opportunities and speaks reason and truth into my “what-ifs”.  His love for me is immense and his support is constant.  He speaks boldness into each new step I take!

My two “big kids” (as I call them now that they are both in high school!) stand boldly with my husband, believing I can do anything.  They say things like “you’re AWESOME!!” with such conviction that I might just believe them sometimes.  They ask great questions, make me laugh, make me cry, make me shake my head in frustration!  They keep my life full and busy and help me see things from a different, more “current” perspective – translated: they tell me to leave my ‘70s dance moves at home in the privacy of my own room – NEVER to be seen in public!  They get their intensity honestly from me.  We like it “real”, we go deep, and we are generous with hugs!  I know that they will always love me and cheer me on.

But far and above all of these precious people in my life, my greatest confidence comes from a growing appreciation of the fact that I am a redeemed child of God!  He is Almighty God, Creator of the universe, my Savior and Lord, our coming victorious King … and I?  I. am. HIS!!!  Wow. Just wow!  He claims me as His own and has written every day of my life in His book before one of them came to be.  He created me uniquely and wondrously!  There is only one “me.”  And He is helping me find all the things that He created me to do!

The one thing I will never be content with “a little bit of” is walking with God.  The more I get to know my Savior, the more precious He becomes, and the more deeply I want to know Him!  As I walk with God through my little bit of everything, He reveals a LOT about Himself.  He longs for me to know Him as personally as He knows me.  As I come to Him with each joy, struggle, wonder or sorrow, He uses every little thing to give me a fresh glimpse of Himself – glimpses that leave me continually amazed by Grace!  I can’t wait to share each new discovery as the Lord helps me to wrestle questions, thoughts and tangled emotions into words along this journey!



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