“Held and Beloved” online study – chapter four

Hello “Held and Beloved” online study friends . . . and happy Monday!

Last night, at the close of our national day of PRAYER, there was no better time to pause and pray… as we all feel the jolt of the past few days, the uncertainty in front of us, and the anxiousness all around us. Honestly, I wondered about pressing on with this study. ??

Until . . . I turned the page myself and realized that the passages in CHAPTER FOUR will remind us of the limitlessness of our GOD! So, rather than turn away from our planned online study, I am choosing to sink further into it! With our knees on the floor and our noses in the Book, let’s ask the LORD to make Himself real to each of us in fresh new ways this week?

Dear heavenly, gracious Father, we need You. More than ever, open our hearts to receive fresh understanding of who You are, the limitlessness of Your power and provisions, the exact and eternal nature of Your purposes, and the extravagance of Your love for us. Help us see, again and again, that You are always in complete, sovereign control – that we can trust You! Enable us to experience Your peace that passes human comprehension. Thank You that You are always with us, You are never limited, and You are never too late! In the Name of Your Son and our Savior, the LORD JESUS, Amen.

“Don’t be afraid, just trust Me.” Mark 5:36

This week we will take a look at CHAPTER FOUR. As you have time on your own, read through the chapter and the accompanying Bible passages. Keep a notebook handy to jot down anything that touches your heart, encourages you, leaves you with questions. As the LORD leads you, share your thoughts below! It is amazing to see how He can guide our “conversations” to help each other make new discoveries of His truth and His heart.

the One who can be trusted: blessed is she who experiences His limitlessness

GOD used Elisha to help two women discover the limitlessness of His power, to miraculously provide for the financial needs of one, and to breathe new physical life into the son of the other. JESUS encountered two women in desperate need at exactly the same time on exactly the same day and was able to restore both to health and vibrant life. The author experienced GOD’s graciousness, unexpectedly leading her to a Godly marriage, and His miraculous provision as her young family stepped out in faith to move far from their home in the northern hills. The LORD revealed Himself as the One who is never limited and never too late, the One who can be trusted to lead us to peace and wholeness we have never known!

Read more of their stories . . . and reflect on your own!

2 Kings 4:1–36

When Elisha encountered these two women, what were their needs?

How did the Lord stretch the known perceptions of what was possible to meet their needs?

What were their greatest fears?

What did they learn about God?

What did He want them to know about His heart?

Mark 5:21–43

When Jesus encounters this woman and a young girl needing His help so desperately at exactly the same time, how does He choose?

What limitations did each face?

How did Jesus respond to each?

What words of Jesus brought comfort, calm, courage or healing?

What did Jesus reveal about Himself through their stories?


What are the cries of your heart today?

What verses from God’s Word reassure you that He hears you?

With what “impossible” is the Lord asking you to trust Him?

What perceived limitation haunts your mind and steals peace from your heart?

What fresh truth about the heart of God might bring healing and wholeness you didn’t think possible?

** WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?? ** As the LORD leads you, comment below?

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