His limitlessness

For our Held and Beloved online study friends, here is a little more of the story from CHAPTER FOUR …

Today I’m sharing a few snapshots of moments when the LORD broke through my perceived limitations to lavish His abundant love and provision on us!

(1) the gift of a Godly marriage

Our stunningly gorgeous October day in southeastern PA was blessed with bright blue skies, crisp air, and a blanket of golden yellow maple leaves at our feet in the arboretum where our wedding pictures were taken. We were in our own happy bubble that whole day, rejoicing in our unexpected new beginning… together!

(2) the gift of treasured group of playgroup moms

As relative newlyweds, we moved to Williamsport, PA, when our daughter was only six months old. Finding my way around a new town as a new mom, I didn’t have a clue how to make new friends … until the LORD orchestrated a meeting with one sweet mom on a given day at a given park and she graciously invited me to join the rest of them! I was overjoyed to accept that invitation and never looked back (they still hold a special place in my heart)! We laughed, we cried, we prayed, we chased toddlers and pushed littles on the swing, and we surrounded and cheered each other along this new adventure of motherhood, while always looking to the LORD for His help, love, and provision!

(3) the gift of another new home near Savannah, GA

A few years later, a job change for my husband landed us in another new town after an unexpected move far from home in the northern hills. We trusted the LORD to do what He had faithfully done before – provide for our little family in amazing, mind-boggling ways. Not the least of those was the house He led us to, in the family-friendly community of Richmond Hill … on an unrealistic house-hunting day, threatened by a tight schedule and an almost-diverted flight from Williamsport!!! In that house, I hosted my first Bible study, to gather other moms and encourage their hearts with GOD’s truth. In that town, I took my first ballet class at age forty – a long-held dream I never imagined becoming reality! Our GOD’s plans for us will never cease to amaze us!

Some provisions may seem simple or ordinary, but even the little things are the big things sometimes! How has the LORD provided for you in ways you never dreamed possible? What past event might He bring to mind today that could give you fresh confidence in His desire and ability to provide for you again, right now?

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