what’s here

a quick description of the different kinds of posts you will find on the cover of His Presence:

coHP - everyday ponderings

everyday ponderings from His Word ~ an online journal as I read and study the Bible day by day ~ what touches my heart, what meets me right where I am in a given day, what teaches me something, what sheds light on any darkness, straightens out my thinking or gives me a new challenge to embrace ~ all expanding my understanding of God and of His heart’s desires for me ~ not necessarily fully developed, just food for thought that is worth sharing!


coHP - deeper questions

wrestling deeper questions ~ Every once in a while, a particular struggle or question will burden my heart for weeks, sometimes months.  As I bring those hard questions to the Lord in prayer and search for truth in His Word to make sense of what seems impossible to understand, I often process all that He is revealing to me through writing.  True confessions?  These “wrestlings” go deep – they are not necessarily quick or easy – but the discoveries are no less valuable to share.



personal encounters with God ~ A few summers ago, I thoroughly enjoyed a study with shereadstruth.com, walking through the pages of scripture and getting to know various women in the Bible.  What were their stories?  How did they encounter Almighty God, stand in awe of Him and yet find Him intensely personal?  What can we learn about God from their experiences?  What can we learn about ourselves?

I appreciated the SRT team’s encouragement not to get bogged down in comparing ourselves to these women, but to seek to know the Lord better through their stories, to hold to the only goal worth pursuing when reading God’s Word – to find HIM and to know Him better… and inevitably to fall deeper in love with our Creator and Redeemer!

Some of the posts on this blog will take a closer look at these women and their personal encounters with God.  It will be a joy to look for the Lord’s Presence in their lives… and find Him in our own!