this unique time in history

First thing this morning, while pondering the shocking events of the past few days, a Facebook memory took me back to a post from 2014:

“thanks to the time change, I got to see the sunrise on my run this morning… couldn’t help but think of the beauty of a new day and the words to the song “All Things New” by Steven Curtis Chapman:

“Who spoke and made the sunrise
to light up the very first day
Who breathed across the water,
to start up the very first wave
It was You
You introduced Your glory
to every living creature on earth
and they started singing

the first song to ever be heard
They sang for You
You make all things new
But then the world was broken
fallen and battered and scarred
You took the hopeless
the life wasted ruined and marred
and made it new
You make all things new

You redeem and You transform
You renew and You restore
You make all things new
And forever we will watch
and worship You
You turn winter into spring
You take every living thing
and You breathe the breath of life
into it over and over again

You make the sunrise
day after day after day
But there’s a morning coming
when old things will all pass away
and everyone will see
You make all things new (hallelujah)
Come redeem and come transform
Come renew and restore
You make all things new (hallelujah)
And forever we will watch

and worship You
Now and forever
You are making all things new”

“He makes all things new” …

Seeing this post again made me realize what my mind has been wrestling for days… what is the LORD using this unique time in our history to accomplish for His good purposes? What does He most want us to pay attention to? Is this some sort of divinely purposed “reset”? A halt, a pause, a “S T O P !!!!!” “Think, pray, ask Me what to do next” ???

Will that be my first impulse? To take this interruption in the whirlwind of life to pray? BEFORE I tackle the neglected home project, or email clean out, or board game with my kids, or that longer walk I never have time for?

The world is screeching to a halt. We are coming face to face with our limitations, the truth that we have no control. It is staggering to think… this interruption, as frightening and real as it is for those who are truly suffering, could it be His kindness? So we will cry out to Him, reach up, and discover again and anew that He is enough? He is all we need. And He longs for us to hunger for His Presence, to recognize when He draws near to provide for us and extravagantly love us from His abundance!

“Now to Him who is able

to do exceedingly abundantly above

all that we ask or think,

according to the power that works in us,

to Him be glory in the church

by CHRIST JESUS to all generations,

forever and ever. Amen.”

Ephesians 3:20-21

I woke yesterday, given new language from Sara Hagerty’s soon-to-be-released book, ADORE, “I adore You, sovereign LORD, that You are always in control… and we can trust You!”

I don’t know the answers. But I know the One who does. He is faithful. He is wise. He loves us like crazy. If I ask Him, He will lead us to the next best step, one at a time!

“Call to Me and I will answer you,

and will tell you great and hidden things

that you have not known.”

Jeremiah 33:3 (BSB)

LORD, we thank You that You are near to the sick and suffering, with healing power and provision beyond our imagination. During this time when our awareness is so heightened, tune our hearts to Yours. Show us what You want to make new – in our hearts and in our lives – and give us the obedience and courage to follow where You lead. In the Name of Your Son and our Savior, the LORD JESUS, amen.

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