love of a good story

Stories are powerful.  Captivating.  Relatable.  Comforting.  Enlightening.  Challenging.  Personal.  Warm and inviting. 

The most interesting stories tell of wondrous transformation. 

Rescue.  Healing.  HOPE.

The best stories tell of the GOD who created us, who knows us intimately, who gave His own Son to be our Savior.  The Almighty One who values each and every one of us.  The One whose love stops at nothing to pursue our hearts.  The One whose power and faithfulness win our enduring trust.  The One who moves and works in our lives in wondrous ways.  Priceless ways.  Granting us glimpses of glory!

If this is true for you, then you don’t want anyone else to miss the opportunity to experience the same redeeming power and boundless love in their own life! 

Your story is powerful! 

Your personal testimony can help someone else find their own path to the Savior!  The reality you are living offers evidence that hungry, searching hearts are longing to hear! 

For believers who are listening, your story can help them better understand their own.  To find the courage to share their own struggles and victories.  To treasure their relationship with GOD and hunger to know Him better.

Join the chorus of praise to our GOD! 

Tell of His mighty works as displayed in your life.  As you find words for your experiences, your voice will grow stronger and you will know more JOY than you could imagine!  Especially when the cry of your heart meets the deep need of another!

Find your voice.

Tell your story!

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