my special Someone

Life is hard.  Sometimes heartbreakingly, bone-wearyingly hard.

Life is also precious.  Sometimes breathtakingly beautiful, deeply touching and treasured.

Seldom do we pause to really consider what holds us together when the pieces swirl, when we try to hold it all and discover we can’t.  Sometimes it sneaks up on us and suddenly it all just seems too big.  The joys and the struggles all wrapped up into one, mounting until they overwhelm us in a flood.

When we cry out for help, who do we truly long to come to our rescue?

Someone who knows us personally, cares for us deeply, and is fully capable of changing our reality from impossible to manageable.  When that transformation also brings blessings in disguise, we are humbled by extravagant grace.

How might our hearts shift to know that there is Someone who can meet all those longings?  And not just any someone, but the One and only Someone who is eternally unchanging and unfailingly trustworthy!  The only Someone who knows us better than any other and loves us more than anyone ever could.  The only Someone who is strong enough and sovereign enough and kind enough and wise enough… to hold all the pieces… to hold us together… no matter what!

His Name is JESUS.  He is my most precious Someone.  And I am precious to Him!

Over the past year, through some of the greatest joys and trials I have ever experienced, #trustingJESUS has become an emboldening reminder to me!  Daily.  Sometimes hourly.  My sweet sisters surprised me with a bracelet for my 50th birthday with that hashtag inscribed on its face.  I wear it so often I fear the engraving will fade, or the metal will grow too thin to hold together.

But the truth will remain.  His Name is JESUS.  He is my Savior.  And I can trust Him.  Always.

How has He become so precious to me?  How do I know how precious I am to Him? 

What has won my heart to place my trust in the LORD JESUS?  Who is He and what gives me the confidence to claim His hand upon my life as its single steadying force?

Held and Beloved tells that story! 

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