your story matters

To the one who wonders: 

Does anyone really understand my story?  Or even want to hear it? 

GOD is good.  But is He good to me

Did these stories in the Bible really happen?  If I could step into the shoes of these women for a few minutes, and realize they are just like me—real people facing heartache and struggle and raging questions—could I see GOD through their eyes and open my heart to know Him in a more personal way? 

Maybe these stories will help me to fully trust Him, to see that He understands my story and wants to come close to transform my reality from impossible to breathtakingly beautiful! 

If I see His heart displayed in these women’s lives, could I believe the LORD JESUS values my story too?  That He infuses it with power and gives me the ability to connect with someone else in their time of struggle?   Maybe I could speak personally of the reality of Almighty GOD who draws near, what it means to be Held and Beloved by Him! 

Dear reader, if this is you, journey with us through the pages of this new book.  Ponder these stories and begin to see the LORD’s unmistakable touch on your own. 

As you discover new depths of GOD’s heart, trust Him to show you how to bear witness of His redeeming power and boundless love, to give someone else a glimpse of His glory. 

Be inspired to tell your own story of JESUS!

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