news-worthy stories

My story doesn’t make headlines, but it’s mine.

And I want to be faithful to tell it!

My struggles may not be noteworthy to others, but they are no less real to me . . . and they are the battle ground where He wins my heart!

True for you too?

What story has He given you to tell, in your own way, to bear witness of the reality of GOD in your life?

May the stories in Held and Beloved help you find your own voice to speak truth as you have experienced it—large and undeniable and life-changing!  That is the only kind of impact our GOD and Savior makes on a life.

In my book, it is news-worthy.  GOOD NEWS, gospel-worthy!

#tellthestory #storyofJESUS #howHewinsourhearts #whatisyourstory ? #bearwitness #ourGODisreal #Histouchislifechanging #livethegospel #telltheGoodNews #heldandbelovedbook #trustingJESUS #coverofHisPresence #amazedbyGRACE

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