the gift of shimmer

Nothing breathes new life into me like a brisk walk on a beautiful morning . . . fresh air in my lungs . . . clarity to my busy brain . . . and fresh nudges from my Savior to look UP!

I will always stand in awe of the story He is writing . . . in so many ways in so many places, but especially in my own heart!

The other morning, as I neared the end of a long walk/jog through our community, I sensed one of those nudges to go just a little further, “there is something I don’t want you to miss” . . .

and there, just beyond the entrance to our street, was the most amazing shimmer on the water behind our house!

I will always treasure the memory of that sight and the whisper that brought a widening smile, “I know how you love when the water shines like a thousand diamonds!

He cares about the little things. He loves to delight our hearts! I can’t help but think that He is so happy to see me spend time in the beauty of the natural world He created, clear my head, listen for His voice, and linger long enough to notice the precious gifts He leaves for me to find!

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