ready to take flight!

“Why do you write?”

It was a simple question during an impromptu conversation.  I was thankful for unhindered time to linger in the quiet of our living room and ponder a proper response.

Wrestling thoughts into words helps me make sense of life.  It is a joy to share new discoveries as I study the Bible and learn to recognize the LORD’s voice as He speaks to my heart.  But the underlying motivation to write is an increasing passion to simply tell my story!  To join the chorus of voices bearing witness of the reality of GOD, as seen in my own life.  To testify of His majesty, His transforming power, and His boundless love.

After blogging for a few years, I sensed a growing ache to compile a more intentional collection of stories – about the lives of real women just like me who encountered the LORD and were forever changed.  That task has gloriously (and sometimes maddeningly!) consumed my year.  Now it suddenly feels like a blink, as I try to wrap my head around the news that WestBow Press has officially released my first book!

After sensing the LORD’s call to “tuck away” with Him for over a year, a surprising thought at the beginning of 2019 declared this year a time of “slow emerging.” It may very well have been slow, but His plans were not small. I never imagined the LORD would give me words to write a book that encapsulates pivotal moments of my whole life alongside accounts of women in His Word, realizing that we all tell a wondrous story of being Held and Beloved by Him!

The day before I submitted this manuscript, walking on the beach near sunset, I caught sight of some birds soaring into the pastel sky of drifting clouds.  His whisper seemed to say, “this project is ready to take flight. . . work hard, stay humble, and watch where I will send this story!”

As thrilling as it will be to hold this book in my own hands in just a few days, I am all the more eager for others to read these stories and be drawn closer to the Savior! Below is a snapshot of the book, as well as details about ordering from WestBow Press, Amazon or Barnes & Noble. I sincerely pray it will touch and bless each of your hearts!

Almost four years ago, I created this blog (and accompanying social media accounts) as an online “coffee date,” a virtual open-invitation to my “living room,” a place where I can sit with friends old and new, rejoice in new discoveries together, and more recently to share updates about this new publishing adventure! 

I am so grateful for each of you walking this road with me.  Let’s continue to surround one another, look to the LORD for His favor, lift each other to the Father in prayer, and watch expectantly to see the many ways He will amaze and thrill our hearts!

This is the day the LORD has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm 118:24

The LORD has done great things for us and we are filled with JOY! Psalm 126:3

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