He bends to listen

Sometimes I only have time to read and ponder a few verses, or one phrase of Scripture, but the best way to start my day is at the kitchen table with my open Bible.

In the hush of early morning, with the soft light of a new day dawning, the rush of life can slow and I can sit still to receive.

The best days are when I can linger there. Unconcerned about the next thing to do, or the ticking clock, I can read and journal verses that speak to me. I often pause to let those Words wash over me. I whisper prayers of gratefulness, or questions of confusion, or admissions of struggle, or weep cries for help!

The LORD sees it all, hears it all. He bends down to come close, to welcome me into the embrace of His Presence. There is no other place I’d rather be!

At a family Bible conference this past summer, the gentleman who gave the announcements at breakfast each morning closed his comments with a brief Psalm. Those few Words became a sweet spot I looked forward to. Phrases from those verses fed my thoughts all day long. Since then, I’ve been reminded often to keep that practice going. . . and to share the breakfast Psalms that touch my heart! I pray these posts will offer you an equally sweet pause and encourage you to hunger for more of His Words to start your day.

For today, I hope you will linger here, in Psalm 116:1-17:

I love the LORD because He hears my voice

because He bends down to listen,

I will pray as long as I have breath!

I saw only trouble and sorrow . . .

then I called on the Name of the LORD.

How kind the LORD is! How good He is!

The LORD protects those of childlike faith . . .

Let my soul be at rest again,

for the LORD has been good to me.

He has saved me from death,

my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling,

and so I walk in the LORD’s Presence

as I live here on earth!

What can I offer the LORD for all He has done for me?

I will praise the LORD’s Name. . .

I will offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving

and call on the Name of the LORD.

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