oh, my soul . . .

It was one of those days.

When “sad” hung like a cloud.

Battling the challenges of a broken world can take me down in a New York minute.

(Shifting hormones in my fifty-something world can be just as defeating!)

Sad isn’t necessarily bad.  But sometimes?  It is hard. 

Some days?  I am weary of sad.  I am weary of struggle. 

I am not afraid to work hard.  To humbly ask for His help.  To fight the good fight.  I know we were never promised ease or comfort.  But internal wrestling can seem so unproductive and wasteful.  Is there really nothing better I should be doing?  Can I ever get out of my own head and the aching of my own heart?  Will I ever feel free to simply rejoice in my Savior, who He is or His nearness I know is there, even when I can’t feel it?

Some days?  I feel like a mess.  Weak.  Crumbling.  Broken.  Sad. 

Some days?  I want to give up hope that life will ever be less complicated. 

Is an undivided, immovable, unwavering, strong and steadfast heart too much to ask?

. . .

How could I feel this way when there is always HOPE? 

When He offers joy? 

When He brings healing and wisdom? 

When He is the One who holds me? 

When He is strong? 

When He is peace and order and victory? 

When He uses it all? 

When He hasn’t changed? 

When He is faithful?

.   .   .

Oh, my soul – 

Let hope rise.

Let His truth replace any lies.

Let His love wash over.  Again.

Let Him lift the burden.

Let His grace extend to you – yes you.

Be still and let Him reveal what He wants you to see.

Just stop.

Everything.  Especially anything in your own strength.

Just love.

And trust Jesus.

Oh, my soul – 

If you need to weep, weep.

If you need to grieve, grieve.

But don’t expect to stay there.

He draws near to mourn with you.

But He also draws near to show you Who He is and what He is about to do.

Watch for it.

Believe in what He can do.  What He will do.

Believe He will do it.

Whatever He does will be the right thing.

Whenever He acts will be the right time.

Let Him find you watching.

.   .   .

I am about to do something new

I have already begun, do you not see it?

I will make a pathway through the wilderness

I will create rivers in the dry wasteland

so My chosen people can be refreshed

Isaiah 43:19

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