the little things


True confessions ~ it is almost the end of January and I am just now giving our house a good cleaning after the joyous and festive months surrounding Christmas!  Three weeks into this new year and I am still trying to get back to our “normal” routines, to re-establish any semblance of good, healthy habits.  Right along with those neglected things is unrushed time with my open Bible and a notebook!

I am thankful for the suggestion a few months ago to leave my Bible open on the kitchen table, inviting me to sit down, if only for a few minutes each day, to take in God’s Word.  In these busy days, it is often just a few verses that make their way past my distracted brain to linger on my heart.

Today was slated as my long-overdue cleaning day!  And to get this enormous job done before meeting buses in the afternoon, it takes a full-day, all-out commitment!  But before I started, I felt the nudge from God’s Spirit to sit down at that table and receive some nourishment from Him.  I cannot live today on yesterday’s meals – the truth is that I need to eat every couple of hours or I get dizzy!  My spiritual health is just as dependent on something fresh and sustaining every day – several times a day!

God is so faithful to meet me when I make the feeblest attempt to choose Him.  The few verses I read this morning have stayed with me as I’ve puttered from room to room today:

Matthew 5:6 ~ Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be filled.

He is reinforcing what I already know to be true… my hunger and thirst for Him is more important than any other need!  When I pay attention to that need and make the good decision to feed my soul with His Word, He will fill me!!!  Not just a snack or stress eating to keep me moving, but full, healthy, nourishing spiritual food!

Matthew 5:8 ~ Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

When I earnestly seek God, He will reveal Himself to me!  As I read His Word and spend time in conversation with Him in prayer, I will get to know Him, His heart, His desires for me and His eternal plans.  That bigger picture will change my perspective on anything I need to tackle today.

Psalm 48:14 ~ For this is our God for ever and ever; He will be our guide, even unto death.

The Lord will always guide me!  He is eternally unchanging, eternally faithful.  His plans are perfect and when I am overwhelmed, He is the One who will set me on the right path and help me weed through today’s demands to find the ones that He has called me to accomplish.  I can trust His choices!  Not just today, but every day of my life on earth!

So as I dusted furniture and wrestled our old and dying vacuum cleaner through the house today, these are the little things (which are actually BIG things!) that played over and over again in my heart:

You are the God who fills me with Your righteousness.

You are the God who enables me to see YOU!

You are my life-long, trustworthy Guide.

It simply amazes me that one good decision to sit down at the kitchen table and drink in 3 verses of God’s Word led to a day of not-always-pleasant chores tackled from a different perspective – appreciating the quietness in the house to linger over these few aspects of our great God.  May I be drawn to His truth and His heart again and again as I leave my Bible open on the kitchen table!

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