Noah’s wife

coHP - noahs wife

In the known world prior to the flood, scripture tells us that there was only one man who walked with God.  One man!  What would it have been like to be married to that one Godly man?  The Bible doesn’t tell us much about Noah’s wife, but I’d like to believe that in order for Noah to remain faithful to the one true God for 500+ years, he needed the support of a Godly wife – a woman who feared God, who valued her husband’s heart for God, who reinforced his choices to obey God when everyone (everyone!) else in the world rejected and rebelled against Him.

As Noah’s helper, what would it have been like to watch him work 120 years on the project of building the ark?  Did she ever question it?  wonder at the enormity of the size (one and a half football fields!), the cost or availability of materials?  the plan to gather, house and care for all those animals on board?  Did the Lord reveal Himself directly to her to bolster her own faith?  to direct her, personally, as she supported and encouraged her husband?  to give her His Words of truth to cling to when nothing made sense?

It is easy to get lost in the possible details of their real, every-day life.  Although we might safely guess that it was a very lonely path that God called them to walk, many of our thoughts would only be supposition, at best.  So I am reminded to ask myself, “what do we learn about GOD from their story?”

He is a sovereign God who calls us into circumstances that are beyond human reasoning… and often with little explanation.  BUT He goes with us every step of the way, directing us and enabling us to meet the challenge He has given us.  In the midst of the storm, He knows we will find Him faithful and will experience a sense of victory through Him with which nothing else can compare!

Many times, that perfect path, that displays His power and His love so vividly, comes with great personal loss to us.  But He meets us there too, gently and persistently reminding us that nothing (NOTHING!) we ever lose while following Christ can compare to what He longs to give us.  In God’s economy, we will *always* trade UP!

rainbow isaiah 26 3

Noah and his wife and family lost everything in the world they had known, but they experienced God’s preserving care through unthinkable circumstances, witnessed the very first rainbow (we can believe it was beyond breathtaking!!!!!), and were in the position to see the brand new beginning for the world God had created… and all this at 600 years old!

THIS is the God we are getting to know a little bit better.  May we trust Him more – even when find ourselves in circumstances beyond human reasoning – even when He calls us to action in ways that make little sense to those around us (or even ourselves!) – even when we feel like our world in crashing down around us or we feel that we have lost everything we have ever known – may we trust that He has an ultimate plan to preserve and bless and rebuild us in ways that we don’t want to miss, in ways that will reveal more of Himself to us!  May we trust that His hand is at work in mysterious yet magnificent ways – for He is absolutely worthy of that confidence!

Read more here! – Genesis 6, 7, and 8 – Psalm 37 – Isaiah 25:9 – Jeremiah 17:7-8 – Truly, O God of Israel, our Savior, You work in mysterious ways.  Isaiah 45:15 – Those who know Your Name trust in You, for You, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.  Psalm 9:10

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