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2021 blog series: exploring the stories of men and women in the New Testament

(#11): THOMAS

Do you have any concrete thinkers in your life? I do! And with those loved ones in mind, my heart goes out to Thomas, who is often looked down upon because of his doubt.

He had a lot of questions. He needed details. Facts. Something solid and tangible to grasp. A picture he could piece together with his own mind. And much that JESUS described simply escaped him.

I don’t believe JESUS ever rebuked Thomas’ questions. He was sad that Thomas failed to understand and rest in truth. But I wonder if He appeared in the upper room that second time just to meet Thomas where he was? To give him whatever he needed to be confident in the reality of the risen Savior!

In the end, the very presence of JESUS was enough to satisfy Thomas. He didn’t need to touch or handle the wounds that confirmed our Savior’s victory over sin and death. JESUS appeared to His disciples, spoke to Thomas directly, and Thomas responded, “my LORD and my GOD!”

How precious that our LORD JESUS doesn’t leave us floundering in unbelief. He meets us in the questions, the baby steps of wonder, and finds a way to confirm the reality of Himself to us.

The LORD JESUS knows exactly how we are wired, what makes us tick, how to win our hearts. I am so humbly grateful that He is a Savior who stops at nothing to pursue our hearts and bring us to a place of confident belief!

photo credit: Janine Urbaniak Reid, faithgateway.com

At some point, most of us come face to face with doubt.  We know the truth about Almighty GOD, His unfailing love for us, His limitless power.  But we are afraid to fully trust in what we can’t see or know or understand in that moment.

How comforting to know that the LORD Himself nurtures our faith.  He is the One who leads us, even into difficult places.  He only asks us to walk through those hard days because He knows, in that place, He will reveal more of Himself to us.  He knows those are exactly the moments when deep-seated questions are wrestled, when hunger to understand His heart grows, when courageous faith is birthed!

Moments like this are captured so poignantly in Big Daddy Weave’s song “JESUS I Believe.”  I pray these lyrics will touch and encourage our hearts:

I need to hear You now

I need to know it’s You

I’m standing on Your promises

I believe Your word is true

You’re bigger than what I see

It’s You in exchange for me

‘Cause even the impossible is Your reality

JESUS I believe

Help my unbelief, GOD,

JESUS I believe

O friends, let’s reach for Him today, and ask Him (again) to help our unbelief.  He will be faithful to tell us (again) in the tenderest tones, “Don’t be afraid.  Just trust Me.” (Mark 5:36)

Read more here:  John 14:1-11John 20:24-29Hebrews 10:36-39Hebrews 11:1-2

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