a surrendered life

2021 blog series: exploring the stories of men and women in the New Testament


It is interesting to notice how little we are told about Lazarus. We are given intimate details about the conversations between the LORD JESUS and his sisters, but no words or even actions are recorded about their brother.

What we do know . . . JESUS loved him. JESUS spent time in their home and considered them friends. Lazarus faced what may have been a sudden illness that was severe enough to take his life, frighteningly quickly! (Sounds a bit like COVID-19).

He was in the grave four days (when by their tradition the spirit would have left the body), when JESUS arrived to speak the unthinkable. . . “If you believe, you will see the glory of GOD!” Lazarus heard His voice calling him by name to come out of the grave and he did just that. Bound in wrappings, he managed to step from the darkness of death’s tomb into the light of day!

We have no idea what he experienced over those four days. Or what it was like to open his eyes in the darkness of a tomb. What it felt like, what it smelled like. Was he disoriented? Was he scared? We aren’t told. All we know is Lazarus heard the LORD’s voice and responded.

At JESUS’ directions the others standing by unwrapped him and set him free. And once again, he sat at the table with JESUS to enjoy a meal. Together they faced death threats from the Jewish leaders – now wanting to kill both of them in hopes of squashing evidence of the reality of GOD. How tragic!

My mind keeps coming back to this. . . Lazarus was given a truly unique assignment. No one else would ever understand what the LORD asked him to walk through. It nearly cost him his earthly life – twice! He allowed himself, his physical body, possibly even his reputation or the safety of his family, to be used by GOD – no matter what. As a result, many witnessed the power of GOD and were drawn to trust the Savior.

Do I hold ownership of my own life as loosely as Lazarus? We are not prone to giving up control. But is not surrendering every detail to the One I can trust better than myself true freedom?!

Will there ever be a better motivation than to imagine that one surrendered life could give many a glimpse of glory and an opportunity to know the One who offers them everlasting life, the ultimate victory over the grave?

May I fall at His feet, fresh and raw this morning and simply say, “I’m Yours.”

Read more here:  John 11:1-18John 11:28-441 Corinthians 15:12-181 Corinthians 15:55

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