nothing left unfinished

It has been so amazing to trace the journey of Jacob, and now Joseph, through our BSF study of Genesis this year. Both men wrestled with GOD, struggled to understand all that GOD revealed to them, and ultimately acknowledged with full surrender that sovereign, Almighty GOD, can be trusted. 

He calls us to walk through hard things, but He always has good purposes in mind – not the least of which are priceless glimpses of His heart along the way!  And He never leaves anything unfinished.  The road may be long, but there will be an end.  There will come a day when each of us will look back, cherish the journey, and say with fresh clarity, “the LORD meant it for good.” 

I pray these few verses in today’s breakfast “psalm” will bring you a new wave of hope and courage to face any rough road you are walking . . . 🌿

I won’t let You go unless You bless me!

If I have found grace in Your sight,

show me now Your way,

that I may know You.

. . .

Take hold of My strength.

My presence will go with you

and I will give you rest.

I will not leave you

until I have done

what I have spoken to you.

. . .

He who has begun a good work

in you will be faithful to complete it.

The LORD will perfect

that which concerns me.

It is GOD who works in you

to will and to do

for His good pleasure.

Genesis 32:26 . Exodus 33:13 . Isaiah 27:5 . Exodus 33:14 .

Genesis 28:15 . Philippians 1:6 . Psalm 138:8 . Philippians 2:13

Bok Tower Gardens, Central Florida

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