joyful surrender

Wow. I am so thankful for a timely Facebook memory – of a book review posted one year ago today! Especially as we embark on the “Held and Beloved” online study week about surrender! Yes, LORD, mold my heart to delight in Your ways!

set free…

“Joyful Surrender” is a reprint of Elizabeth Elliot’s book “Discipline,” originally published in 1982. This woman’s heart for GOD’s truth and straightforward, let’s-be-about-the-Father’s-business challenges grabbed my wandering heart as a twenty-something. I have a bookshelf filled with her writings.

As she has done many times before, her thoughts in “Joyful Surrender” cut to the chase of my own thinking and set my mind squarely on things above. “Discipline in the wholehearted yes to the call of GOD. I put myself gladly, fully, and forever at His disposal, and to whatever He says my answer is yes.”

You can find my original, full review here.

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