sweet retreat

For our “Held and Beloved” online study friends… here is a little more of the story from CHAPTER SEVEN.

Today, I am sharing pictures of those special verses from the breakfast table on the first day of school and that second prayer walk on the beach at Ocean Inlet in Boynton Beach, Florida. That was the day I snapped the long-time favorite picture (on my cell phone!) – of the little boat on the shimmering water just beyond the rocks – that became the cover photo for this book!

It was also the first (and only time) I have seen the green parrots!!! I’ve known for a long time that they are native to our area, but had never seen them. That day they were happily perched in the trees at the marina across the street from the inlet. Seeing them felt like a sweet gift from the Father in the midst of a long, hard season of life.

The beaches are closed now and I am not alone in missing one of my favorite places of sweet retreat to talk to the LORD. Even the producer who is working with me to record the audio book commented that he misses his regular surfing workouts in the saltwater! His home is right on the beach and he is still not given access. How comforting to realize that PRAYER is never restricted! Because of Christ, we have full access to the Father, anytime, anywhere! When we cry out to Him, He answers. May He continually tune our hearts to hear His voice and recognize His tender and capable care.

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