a fresh start

For our “Held and Beloved” online study friends … here is a little bit more of my personal story from CHAPTER THREE …

The LORD didn’t just reassure my heart that my story wasn’t over, He graciously provided a new beginning when I needed it most!

He led me to a new apartment (with a bay window seat in the bedroom!) in a tucked away place on a quaint street near family and friends. Wild flowers bordered a small fenced yard off the side deck. I was grateful for permission from the landlord to add my own touches to a plain white kitchen (yes, I am probably dating myself with the stencil border that was a favorite at the time!).

I walked just a few blocks away each Sunday to a small Bible Chapel, where new friends became treasured “family,” where I felt the first ache to come alongside women and speak GOD’s truth and light into their hearts. In this case, it was a Sunday school class of middle and high school girls. Decades later, they are never far from my thoughts or prayers and will always be “my girls” in my heart!

My own story was far from over, but little did I realize the countless stories of others the LORD would welcome me to witness and, in some cases, to play a part in those journeys! What a gift to look back and see the beautiful paths, painful or joyous, woven together, all bearing witness of the One who writes our stories!


Do you remember a time when you longed for a “do-over”? How did the LORD meet you in that moment, reassure you that your story wasn’t over, and graciously offer you a fresh start? Might it touch and encourage your heart to look back and trace threads of the LORD’s kindness and provision during that painful time? What new story did He give you to tell?

“to the God who answered my prayers when I was in distress…

He has been with me wherever I have gone”

Genesis 35:3 (NLT)

“His banner over me is love”

Song of Solomon 2:4

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