“Held and Beloved” online study – chapter three

Hello, Held and Beloved online study friends!

Before we turn the page to begin a new chapter in our study, it seems right and good to pause and pray. . .

Dear heavenly, gracious Father, You know our days, our wrestlings, the pieces of our story that tend to haunt us more than thrill us. You were with us then and You are with us still. You have a plan to lead us to Your best. Help us trust Your heart and Your ways. Help us know that in Your book, the story is never over! That each new day truly is a new beginning. Help us rest in the knowing that nothing ever disqualifies us from being chosen as part of Your plan because You already chose to redeem us, to qualify us, to claim us as Your own! Let these stories remind us of Your unchanging love and eternal purposes for each one of Your children. In the Name of Your Son and our Savior, the LORD JESUS, Amen.

Now this is what the LORD says—He who created you,

O Jacob, and He who formed you, O Israel:

“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;

I have called you by your name; you are Mine!”

Isaiah 43:1 (BSB)

This week we will take a look at CHAPTER THREE. As you have time on your own, read through the chapter and the accompanying Bible passages. Keep a notebook handy to jot down anything that touches your heart, encourages you, leaves you with questions. As the LORD leads you, share your thoughts below! It is amazing to see how He can guide our “conversations” to help each other make new discoveries of His truth and His heart.

the One who gives me a new story: blessed is she who aligns with the one true GOD

Brief summary: Beyond any fears that her story might disqualify her from ever being one of GOD’s chosen people, Rahab aligned herself with the one true GOD and was rescued from Jericho’s destruction. The woman at Sychar’s well had a life-changing encounter with the true Messiah, who gave her a new story to tell. The author realized that her painful divorce did not disqualify her from being chosen, that the LORD would be faithful to write the rest of her story. The LORD revealed Himself as the One who knows and redeems the broken parts of our stories in such a way that we cannot keep them to ourselves!

Read more of their stories . . . and reflect on your own!

Joshua 2:1–2:4, 6:22–25, Hebrews 11:31

(*NOTE*: this is a corrected reference – there was a typo in the book … should be Hebrews 11, not 1)

When we are first introduced to Rahab, what did she know/believe about Israel’s God?

What was her greatest fear?

In what ways did she demonstrate courageous faith?

How did God respond to, and then alter her story?

John 4

What was the Samaritan woman’s greatest hope?

How was Jesus’ interaction with her unique?

What did the Lord want her to know about Him?

How did the Lord use her story to draw others to Him?


If Jesus met you face to face in your daily grind today, what questions might He have for you?

What broken parts of your story might He want to touch so He could bring healing?

What would it mean to you to know that He purposely detours right into your path to have personal encounters with you?

What does He want you to understand about yourself or about Him (or both!) that could bring restoration and align your heart with the One who longs to write the rest of your story?

** WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?? ** – As the LORD leads you, comment below…

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