no matter what

To our Held and Beloved online study friends, a quick post to share a song that caught my attention on the drive to one of my beach prayer walks and played on repeat as I worked on CHAPTER TWO: “No Matter What” by Ryan Stevenson.

Please enjoy his official lyric video here:

“There’s never been a better time to get honest
There’s never been a better time to get clean
So come as you are
Run to the cross and be free
Oh be free

No matter what you’ve done
You can’t erase His love
Nothing can change it
You’re not separated
No matter where you run
He’s always holding on
You’re still a daughter, you’re still a son
No matter what”

When the LORD JESUS cried, “It is FINISHED!” from the cross (John 19:30), the work to secure our salvation was DONE. Nothing needs to be or ever could be added to His sacrifice. No matter what we’ve done, where we’ve strayed, how tangled our mess is, His blood still covers us! His payment for our sin never expires!

Although sin in our lives interrupts our relationship with Him, He pursues our hearts to remind us that we can walk in freedom from the power of sin. Instead, His Spirit within us can lead us back to the LORD and guide us to make choices that truly honor Him and the sacrifice He made to redeem us and claim us as His own!

How does your heart respond, knowing that the LORD JESUS paid the price to set you free from sin’s condemnation and claim you as His own redeemed child?

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