“Held and Beloved” online study – chapter two

Hello Held and Beloved online study friends . . . and happy Monday!

This week we will take a look at CHAPTER TWO. As you have time on your own, read through the chapter and the accompanying Bible passages. Keep a notebook handy to jot down anything that touches your heart, encourages you, leaves you with questions. As the LORD leads you, share your thoughts below! It is amazing to see how He can guide our “conversations” to help each other make new discoveries of His truth and His heart.

the One who comes to my defense: blessed is she who is not condemned

Brief summary: JESUS stepped in to proclaim an adulterous woman free from condemnation, the LORD used Hosea’s redemptive love for his adulterous wife, Gomer, to show His covenant love for Israel, and the author realized her need for JESUS as her Savior, to secure eternal life and peace with holy GOD. The LORD revealed Himself as the One who rescues us when we are incapable of saving ourselves – and whose payment for our sins never expires!

Read more of their stories . . . and reflect on your own!

John 8:1-11

What options were available to her in navigating her complicated story?

What might have been her thoughts or fears?

What did JESUS reveal about Himself to her?

Hosea 1-3

What temptations tugged at Gomer’s heart?

What different story did Hosea offer her?

How did the LORD work in Hosea’s heart to pursue her?

Romans 8, Psalm 32

What sin in your life makes it uncomfortable for you to seek GOD’s face?

What Bible verses tell you what JESUS has done to pay the penalty for your sin and set you free?

How does your heart respond, knowing that because of JESUS, Almighty GOD says you are not condemned?

There is therefore no condemnation for those who are in CHRIST JESUS!

Romans 8:1

** WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?? ** As the LORD leads you, comment below…

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