you are LOVED

a breakfast psalm from a quiet Monday. . .

Good morning, friends!  As I prayed about what I might share with you, one simple phrase echoed in my heart:

“you are LOVED”

It may seem cliché, but it it truly profound! I was reminded of some thoughts I scribbled into my journal not long ago. . .

On that particular day, I sensed the nudge to set my normal devotional apps aside and sit with an empty note open on my phone – to let all other voices fall silent and simply ask the LORD, “what do You want me to hear from You today?”

The nudge felt “outside of me,” so I sat up to take notice and worked hard to still my body and mind to really listen. It was a long, hard season and I NEEDED to hear His heart, receive comfort and strength and guidance! I was desperate for any assurance that He was working out all the things that seemed impossible to me!

I’ll be honest, I kind of expected something BIG to come from His heart to mine!

This is what fell across my heart…
“you are LOVED, don’t ever doubt that!”

Oh, how He knows my heart! He knew that when those walls were closing in and all seemed increasingly hopeless, when His answers seemed long in coming, this was the one thing I would be tempted to doubt… “I know GOD is love, but does He love me? I know GOD is good, but is He good to me?” He gently broke through all the fog, with a straight shot to that one place of nagging, twisting ache, and settled my unspoken questions!

“you are LOVED … don’t ever doubt that!”

So simple, yet so profound, truly BIG as only our GOD defines it!!! – and so very deeply touching! My whole body softened, my eyes welled up, and whatever burning questions I thought might be answered in that moment all melted away…

Almighty GOD, Creator of heaven and earth, not only sees me, and cares for me, He L O V E S me! – with a LOVE like no other!

That morning as I lingered over verses in my One Year Bible and Daily Light, His tender words to me echoed in Daniel, 1 John and 1 Peter!!! (in the image below)… These three men were called to endure some of the harshest trials and longest waits. Each in their own way, and for their own reasons, they were longing for the same reassurance! And the LORD was faithful to tell them:

“you are LOVED! don’t ever doubt that!”

Mixed in with His words of LOVE in my reading passages that morning, came fresh words of courage too: “Don’t be afraid!” (3x!!!) . “Peace!” . “Be encouraged!” . “Be strong!” . “Love one another!” . “Be anxious for nothing!” . “PRAY!” . “your prayer is heard in the heavens!” . “Give THANKS!” . “Cast all your care on Him!” . “Is anything too hard for the LORD?” .

On this Monday morning, sweet friends, take fresh courage! Come what may, no matter what fears may haunt you, tell the doubt that is creeping into your soul: “you are LOVED!” Sink into the Savior’s embrace and know He cares for you and is in sovereign and intimately personal control of every detail, big or small!

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