We have just confirmed a date and location for the official launch party for Held and Beloved!

For local friends . . . JOIN US as we celebrate!

Just one month from today, Friday, February 7, 2020. . . we can’t wait to love on our readers, rejoicing with friends old and new!

PLEASE SHARE with anyone local to south Florida who might be interested in learning more about these stories, purchasing a signed copy of the book for a special launch event price, and/or connecting with other readers!

#heldandbelovedbook #takingflight #launchparty #WestBowPress #welovetotellthestories #thestoriesofJESUS #rejoicingtogether #lovemeetingnewreaders #trustingJESUS #coverofHisPresence #amazedbyGRACE #lostinwonder

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