a special invitation . . .

The journey to publish Held and Beloved has already been abundantly precious! I have known for a long time that the LORD asked me to share these stories, that He has a plan to send them far and wide to others, a plan I could not possibly image or orchestrate!

It is staggering to offer the LORD what I consider “nothing,” to step aside and watch what He will do! But there are also sweet times when He welcomes me into the process, and enables me to walk bravely through doors He has opened.

Recently, I felt the nudge to welcome others to come with me! The journey is so much more meaningful when it is shared.

Dear friends, as you receive and read your own copies of the book, if these Held and Beloved stories touch your heart, would you consider praying about joining our unofficial “launch team?” Only as the LORD leads you, here are a few things that will help us share this message of the One who holds us and loves us like no other:

* SHARE any posts about the book from the “Cover of His Presence” Facebook page along your own social media channels.

* TAG friends who might also enjoy the book (on the “Cover of His Presence” Facebook page OR on Instagram @coveredbyHisPresence).

* Post a REVIEW on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, or Christian Book Distributors, even a comment on this site helps others see what they might be encouraged by as well. 

* FOLLOW the “Cover of His Presence” Facebook page starting in mid-January to join the conversation with others reading the book and/or working through the Bible study questions.

* Also on the “Cover of His Presence” Facebook page, starting in January, look for behind the scenes tidbits and personal photos corresponding to parts of my story shared in the book.

* For local friends, STAY TUNED for details about our official launch party just before Valentine’s Day.

THANK YOU seems pitifully inadequate . . . please know how much I treasure each of you and your love, support, and prayers at every step along this journey! ♥️ xo

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