sweet thoughts

from Choice Gleanings this morning:
“My meditation of Him shall be sweet.” Psalm 104:34

“Our initial thought might be the determination to create a sweet meditation. But the psalmist anticipates that the Object of his meditation would yield only sweetness. No matter our meditation of the altogether lovely One, a fragrance like no other fills the heart and ascends to the very presence of GOD. We determine to meditate, He alone delivers the fragrance.” ~ D.J.Reed

“To all our prayers and praises,
CHRIST adds His sweet perfume,
And love the censor raises,
These odors to consume.”
~ Mary B. Peters

It always staggers me to realize I have the ability to delight the Savior, to touch the Father’s heart with sweet thoughts of His dear Son. May this not only be a tender moment on this LORD’s Day, as we remember Him, but the tenor of this whole season, as we rejoice in His coming! And not just during this season, but in every season – for He is worthy!! 

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