a few of my favorite stories

Wondering what you might find inside the pages of Held and Beloved?

Here is a little sneak peek!

About the book . . .

Echoes.  Through time.  Across generations.  Women who rejoice in telling their stories!  Stories that are unique and intimate.  Stories rooted in heartache and struggle where courageous faith is birthed.  Stories that draw our hearts to one place.  To the one true God, who transcends time and circumstance.  The One who is weaving strands of the greatest love story ever told.  It started with His Son and builds with every new heart that is drawn to trust Him.  Drawn by cords of love, not force, and held with strength and power that is also tender and abundantly generous.  Let their stories draw you in, help you see the beauties of the One who loves you more than any other.  Be encouraged to believe He longs to embrace you too.  Join the chorus of voices who declare that Jesus is precious and let Him ignite a passion in you to tell your own story of being Held and Beloved by Him!

Table of Contents . . .


chapter one

the One with whom nothing is impossible:

blessed is she who believes

Sarah & Elizabeth

chapter two

the One who comes to my defense:

blessed is she who is not condemned

Gomer & the adulterous woman

chapter three

the One who gives me a new story:

blessed is she who aligns with the one true God

Rahab & the Samaritan woman

chapter four

the One who can be trusted:

blessed is she who experiences His limitlessness

the poor widow and the Shunamite &

Jairus’ daughter and the woman with an issue of blood

chapter five

the One who leads me through the storm:

blessed is she who steps out with courage

Esther & Mary of Nazareth

chapter six

the One who grieves with me:

blessed is she who opens her heart to be held

Naomi and Ruth & Martha and Mary

chapter seven

the One who speaks my name:

blessed is she who recognizes His tender and personal care

Hagar & Mary Magdalene

chapter eight

the One who is worthy of my surrender:

blessed is she who is broken and spilled out

Hannah & Mary of Bethany

chapter nine

the One who wins my heart:

blessed is she who believes He is precious

Rebekah & The Bride of Christ

chapter ten

the One you love: blessed are you when you tell His story!

. . .

I hope some of these stories caught your eye!  May you enjoy a deeper dive into each one, complete with fresh and personal discoveries of the One who holds you and loves you like no other!

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