special touches

The sewing machine hummed as I carefully guided the pretty floral fabric under the needle.  In much less time than I imagined, a handful of perky little pouches were constructed.  Was I crazy to expend the extra time and energy to create a pouch to go inside another pouch?  Maybe, but I so wanted these little gifts to match the table setting.

A few days later I puttered away the quiet evening hours, taking my time to arrange each place for our morning brunch the next day – a small gathering of some extra special ladies in my life, who also happen to be willing to indulge my love of a good tea party (coffee works too!).

It was sweet to remember my own Mom teaching us how to set a table, and in many not-so-intentional ways, instilling in us the beauty of special touches – those extra little items like cloth napkins and fresh flowers, a little favor to take home, a hand written card – all expressing without words “you mean so much to me and it is a joy to put in the effort to make you feel honored and spoiled here.”

And it struck me with a widening smile… my mom taught me to be a “placemaker!” – making a welcoming space for others, creating a time and place to honor friendship, to pause and rejoice in GOD’s goodness together!

For those who might also enjoy a good tea party, I say, “pull out the good china, set the table, boil the kettle (or brew a fresh pot of coffee), and welcome some dear ones to join you!” ~ it will make you smile!


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