invited to create

Our festive Christmas morning had drifted into a sunny, sleepy afternoon and I found myself alone in the living room, soaking in the gift of these two books.

One is packed with stunning artwork and rich devotional truth (with space to add my own ponderings!).   The other is stacked with crisp pages, a clean slate inviting all that the LORD will write on my heart and move my hand to pen.

I whispered a prayer that it would be a response of worship that is uniquely my own – His redeemed creature creating to touch the heart of the Creator!

I treasured those quiet moments, lost in the wonder of what might emerge from another year on this journey, in this growing hunger to know more of His heart!

*    *    *

I started this year with this crisp, clean (and lushishly pretty lavender floral!!!) journal, wondering what the LORD might write on my heart and move my hand to create on its pages???

It took me longer than I thought to brave the pen to page, to christen that white expanse, so desperately wanting what appeared to live up to those Christmas Day dreams.

Thanks to a sweet but powerful nudge from an online writing workshop, the spine is now cracked open, pages scribbled on, and the beginnings of an outline for a new project taking shape.

I am reminding myself to invite Him into this work, ask Him what He thinks about it?  To trust Him to shape it as He desires … to grow the hunger in me (and anyone who reads it!) for more of HIM!

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