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2021 blog series – men and women of the New Testament


The little we know about Tabitha (Dorcas) makes me think that I would love spending time with her, puttering around the kitchen with her, or just listening to her stories over coffee.  I would enjoy watching her in action, seeing her hands and feet in motion to express her heart for GOD through her care for others, especially widows.  What a joy and privilege!

I can only begin to imagine the loss so keenly felt when the LORD allowed (purposed?) her life to be used in a completely unexpected way, by letting it appear to end!  The hole she left behind was gaping and all those in mourning were paying close attention when the LORD used Peter to call her to rise and draw breath again! 

Peter was among a select few with the LORD JESUS when He took Jairus’ daughter by the hand in the same way and commanded her to rise and draw breath again too.  Peter witnessed the resurrection power of JESUS and knew the same LORD was alive, ready and able to grant new life still.

All those people Tabitha impacted had the chance to witness the very source of her effectiveness… JESUS!  Called back into the same service that reflected her heart, Tabitha had a new story to tell – her first-hand account of the life-giving power of the GOD she served! 

May I follow in Tabitha’s footsteps, taking every opportunity to touch others with a heart for GOD, to impact them with care and compassion and always point them to my only source of life and power – GOD’s Son and our Savior, JESUS.

Read more here:  Acts 9:36-42Romans 6:4-5Ephesians 2:1-10Proverbs 11:24-25

photo credit: Magnolia

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