He restores my soul

After a festive weekend full of houseguests, my sister welcomed me to move from my cozy spot in the basement to their first floor guest room for my last night in Omaha.

I didn’t want to trouble her to make that happen, but she insisted I sleep in a real bed for at least one night, so I agreed.

I confess it was a pure delight to sink into the comfort of that beautiful space, feeling spoiled and cared for in abundance, soaking in quiet peace!

As I often do when trying to capture a moment I treasure, I snapped a few pictures of this spot that was reserved for me for less than 12 hours – utterly captivated by the splash of natural light and the stunning view of the sunrise.

I admit that my wheels always turning may drive some people a little nutty. The way aesthetics strike me may not make sense to anyone else, but this one moment-in-time snap shot steadies me.

I kinda love that the lampshade is crooked. Had I noticed, I would’ve felt compelled to straighten it and retake the photo! … But this says to me that even when I’m off kilter, not myself, not perfect by any stretch, my Shepherd still draws near and restores my soul.

All may not be right with the rest of me, but it can always be well with my soul! 🌿 My Savior will always welcome me into the quiet peace and comfort of His embrace so I can rest and come away delightfully restored!

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