birthday blessings

It was without fanfare, without cake, without many of my favorite people (as we are still living in some level of quarantine), but this week I celebrated a birthday! It was a quiet, but deeply special day.

One of the sweetest gifts came in a string of thoughts from some early morning reading. For this week’s breakfast “psalm” I’d like to share these precious words of encouragement:

from Edges of His Ways, by Amy Carmichael:

Psalm 68:28 (PBV) ~ Thy GOD has sent forth strength for you.

“These few words from the Psalm for the Day have been with me all through the hours.  ‘Thy GOD has sent forth strength for you.’  The day lies before us.  It will bring us things that in ourselves we have no strength to meet.  That does not matter.  Our GOD has already sent forth strength for us.  It is like that other word, ‘My GOD with His lovingkindness shall come to meet me’ (Psalm 59:10).  Strength and lovingkindness – what more do we need?  That duty, that difficulty, which we see coming to meet us, what of it?  Our GOD has already sent forth strength for us, and before the thing we fear can meet us on the road, our GOD with His lovingkindness shall meet us there.”

Isn’t this just His way? To meet us exactly where we are, to reassure us of His love, to reveal more of Himself to strengthen us?

a single verse from my Daily Devotional Bible:

Exodus 33:13-14 ~ Now therefore, I pray, if I have found grace in Your sight, show me now Your way, that I may know You.

May this be my prayer as I thank the LORD for another year of life – for deepening hunger to know His way (His heart) and determination to follow hard after Him!

and the lyrics from Thy Way by Pat Barrett, playing in the background on Pandora:

It’s a new horizon and I’m set on You

You meet me here today with mercies that are new

All my fears and doubts, they can all come too

Because they can’t stay long when I’m here with You

I believe You are

the Way, the Truth, the Life

I believe You are

surprise birthday flowers! … all my favorite purples, greens, and reds!

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