treasures from 2020

Early on New Year’s Day, it was a joy to soak in the quiet after a festive evening, accented by the sparkle and sound of fireworks lighting up our neighborhood sky.  I breathed a word of thanks to the LORD for a new day, a new year, a fresh start, and one more opportunity to look to Him for what lies ahead.

Interestingly, He nudged me first to look back.  To scroll through the year of shared breakfast “psalms.”  To discover the ones that touched hearts and spoke His truth into hurts and fears and unresolved questions. 

It was such a comfort to know that in one of the hardest years in recent memory, there were moments of deep comfort, clarity, and peace from sharing His Words that are always timely and powerful.

This is a collection of images from the top nine breakfast “psalms” in 2020:

beauty that still us!

I am no professional photographer, but I do love capturing beauty in these little squares.  Many of these images display the wonder of GOD’s creation, the fresh breath of living things, the spectacular touch of light! 

Just like the LORD grabs my attention with glimpses of His majesty on my beach walks or morning runs or wandering through a new town or garden, these favorite images have drawn others to also read and be encouraged by His Words.

I am humbled by the chance to share them – favorite images and verses! – in hopes that they will lead others to know and love our Savior more! 

In the next few weeks, I look forward to reposting the top nine breakfast “psalms” from 2020.  As has been true for me today, it is my hope that it will be sweet for each of you to revisit them, to enjoy them for the first time, or to rediscover favorites from this unprecedented stretch of months.

I’d love to hear from you! 

Which verses have meant the most to you this year …

or touch your heart now? 

How has the LORD met you

and walked you through the challenges? 

What unexpected treasures has He hidden

in the dark for you to find?

Your story is so powerful!  May I encourage you to ask Him how you can bear witness of the reality of GOD in your life?  It would be an honor and a joy to hear your story, and I firmly believe others would be encouraged as well!

Look for “treasures from 2020” reposts in the coming weeks.  I pray they will give us welcomed focus and confidence as we step bravely into a new year, with the LORD by our side to lead the way!

When I discovered Your Words, I devoured them. 

They are my joy and my heart’s delight,

for I bear Your Name, O LORD, GOD of hosts. 

Jeremiah 15:16

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