sixty years . . . together

it was a lifetime ago

when he first reached for her hand

still in her teens,

there was no sweeter place

than right by his side

snail mail and soda shops

sledding adventures

and a handmade stocking

stretched over four long years of school

at last they could step forward


. . .

a simple living room ceremony

a starter apartment in Lancaster

then a move to the only other place

they have ever lived

building a home

tending a backyard sanctuary

whether bustling with guests

or peacefully still

it is their favorite place to be


. . .

a string of decades

rarely leaving each other’s side

they’ve walked through deep trials,

sore disappointments, and loss

but also abundant blessings,

the LORD’s faithful provisions,

and joy overflowing


. . .

even when they haven’t seen eye to eye

they’ve forever chosen to stand side by side

with prayer and commitment

to find their way through


. . .

they’ve grown a family

beaming with joy

as each new life broadens the circle

never happier than when ALL

of us gather again under one roof


. . .

it is their greatest prayer

that each new life will be born again

and we will one day gather

in the Father’s house

rejoicing with our Savior


. . .

sixty years later,

he still reaches for her hand

and there is no sweeter place for her

than right by his side

rejoicing with my Mom and Dad as they thank the LORD for sixty years together!

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