“the GOD who stays”

I feel the tension in my bones

uncertainty weighs heavy

unanswered questions echo

energizing hope seems lost in the swirl

of unsettling headlines

my little bubble can feel anything but happy

lonely and vulnerable instead

BUT . . .

there is One who doesn’t shy away

from the wrestle

but slides in next to me

wraps His arms around me

and whispers

you’re safe with Me

. . .

and then

this song on my run

felt like His warm embrace

. . .

“You’re the GOD who stays

You’re the One who runs in my direction

when the whole world walks away

You’re the GOD who stands

with wide open arms

and You tell me nothing … can separate my heart

from the GOD who stays”

. . .

please enjoy Matthew West‘s official lyric video here: https://youtu.be/QPwd_TQpsHY

#morningrun#openmyheart#hearHiswhisper#musicthatmovesus#comfort#reassurance #trustingJESUS#theGODwhostays#ohhowHelovesus#safewithHim#coverofHisPresence

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