“Held and Beloved” audiobook!

Held and Beloved is NOW available on Audible! … I could not be more excited and grateful for many prayers answered, to be able to share these stories in audible form.

The Held and Beloved audiobook has now been added as a fourth format option under the official Amazon listing. Also now on Amazon, please find a growing collection of customer reviews! We hope they will allow you to see how other readers have been personally impacted by Held and Beloved. It is humbling and deeply encouraging to know that these stories are touching hearts and drawing them to the Savior!

For those who have never ordered an audiobook through Audible, we hope you will consider purchasing Held and Beloved as your first Audible title! Please find ordering information here.

We would like to offer sincere gratitude to our audio producer, Media Zone, for their hard work, kind encouragement, a top-notch creative environment, and a professional final product!

Above all, we offer praise to the LORD for extending His favor over this project, helping us to overcome unexpected challenges to bring these stories to a new audience of listeners. We love to tell His story and pray others will be mightily blessed by them as well!

#HeldandBelovedbook #takingflightagain #audiobook #welovetotellthestories #thestoryofJESUS

#trustingJESUS #ohhowHelovesus #amazedbyGRACE #coverofHisPresence #mysteriouskindness #lostinwonder

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