drawn by love

I pray you will be encouraged by today’s breakfast “psalm” . . .

Bend down, O LORD, and hear my prayer,

answer me, for I need Your help.

Teach me Your ways, O LORD,

that I may live according to Your truth!

Grant me purity of heart,

so I may honor You.

With all my heart I will praise You, O LORD my GOD.

I will give glory to Your Name forever,

for Your love for me is great.

. . .

I have loved you with an everlasting love;

therefore with loving kindness I have drawn you.

I will build you up again.

I drew them with gentle cords, with bands of love.

Rise up, My love. . . the winter is past . . .

the flowers appear . . . the time of singing has come . . .

the fig tree puts forth her green figs,

and the vine’s tender grapes smell good.

Rise up, My love, rise up!

Psalm 86:1, 11-13 – Jeremiah 31:3 – Hosea 11:4 – Song of Solomon 2:10-13

#breakfastpsalms #HisWordstostarttheday #encouragement #comfort #restinginHislove #lookingtoHim #PRAYER #needHishelp #learnHisways #honortheLORD #praiseHisName #Hiseverlastinglove #lovingkindness

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