when obedience brings loss

For our “Held and Beloved” online study friends… here is a little more of the story from CHAPTER SIX.

For years, I carried an ache I hadn’t fully identified. We trusted the LORD and followed Him. It was clear that He directed our move south, away from faces and places I treasured in the northern hills of Pennsylvania.

We never questioned that we made the right choice, or that the LORD has abundantly blessed and used us in that new path! I think I just never gave myself permission to grieve the very real losses that accompanied that choice.

“Trust and obey” for there really is no better way. But often, that obedience comes with personal sacrifice. It took me a long time to realize that the LORD not only acknowledges those sacrifices (and is honored by them), but He gives me space to grieve them. In fact, He comes close to grieve with me.

He knows He is the only One who can comfort and heal the ache of those losses. Only He can give me fresh courage to step forward, to fully embrace the new gifts He has planned. I have finally learned how to hold and treasure many blessings over many years, while still having capacity to receive new ones – not the least of which is the unmatched beauty of GOD’s perfect plan for us!

This week, I am sharing a few favorite photos from our summer road treks to the northern hills … my parents’ lush green backyard in Philly, reuniting with sweet friends and sisters at Greenwood Hills, canoeing on the reservoir, hiking various trails in Pennsylvania and Virginia, the rolling hills surrounding our favorite farm and creamery, and the wide sweeping view of the peaks at Massanutten … enjoy some green today!!!

“Though the mountains be shaken

and the hills be removed,

yet My unfailing love for you

will not be shaken

nor My covenant of peace be removed,”

says the LORD,

who has compassion on you.

Isaiah 54:10

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