adoration – it moves our hearts!

I have been truly honored to serve on Sara Hagerty’s launch team for ADORE.   Her new book has been in the making for a long time and has been divinely placed in our hands for such a time as this – in the middle of a life-threatening and life-altering pandemic!  

That statement may seem callous or inappropriate at first – why on earth would we be so eager to “adore” GOD during a time of such suffering and fear?  Can I gently say, there is no better time to dive deeper into the character of GOD, to pour out our questions to Him, or to hunger to know His heart?

I honestly can’t explain why I was given the sneak peek of these pages, this new look at adoration, the way it helps us bare our souls before the LORD, offer Him our truest struggles, and allow His Presence, His character, and His unchanging truth to shift our hearts from struggle (despair?!) to awe-filled praise and deep, deep trust! Our Savior longs for us to truly rest in who He is and what He has done (and will always do) to provide for us!

“ADORE: a simple practice for experiencing GOD in the middle minutes of your day”

This is not just a subtitle.  This is real.  This practice of adoration requires only minutes.  Literally minutes!  In the middle of our morning, afternoon, or dead of night.  In the quiet, the sigh of delight, or right in the middle of the hustle and bustle, the dizzying swirl of demands, or a sudden flood of emotions.  These are the moments when our Savior wants to meet us.  To reveal new depths of His heart to us. 

Sara’s new book, ADORE, will help us find the path of sweet reach and deep soul growth He is inviting us to travel. 

ADORE will welcome you into the presence and embrace of a GOD who longs for intimate dialogue with you.  These pages will guide you as you take your first baby steps (or your hundredth) toward speaking the LORD’s own Words back to Him and allowing them to shift your heart.

Sara shares personal stories of real and raw moments in life and her own training ground of seeing those moments as invitations to allow the LORD to hold and mold her heart.  She has lived and breathed this practice of adoration over the past decade.  Her experiences are heartwarming and relatable.  Her passion for transformative relationship with the living GOD is contagious!

I am really picky about the books I choose to read and review as part of blogger review programs with various publishers. I am even pickier about which launch teams I apply for. This new book from Sara, ADORE, was at the top of my list and it is blowing me away!  I have a feeling this one will sit with my Bible at the kitchen table for a long time to come.   I wholeheartedly recommend it!

My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with Me.”

And my heart responds, “LORD, I am coming, Your face will I seek.”

Psalm 27:8

O come let us ADORE Him!

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