learning to trust Him

For our “Held and Beloved” online study friends…

A song that was so precious to me while working on CHAPTER FIVE has also given me words and emotions to pray my way through several difficult disappointments. It is not easy to trust the LORD’s best plan when it feels like anything but good. But He meets our breaking hearts with tender care and gentle nudges to take the next best step … with courage to trust Him!

THY WILL by Hillary Scott
please enjoy her official lyric video here:

I’m so confused
I know I heard you loud and clear
So I’ll follow through
Somehow I ended up here
I don’t wanna think
I may never understand
That my broken heart is a part of your plan
When I try to pray
All I got is hurt
And these four words
Thy will be done
Like a child on my knees all that comes to me
Thy will be done

In a sweet follow-up, thoughts, prayers, and songs on my morning run echoed His Words from Choice Gleanings and Daily Light at the breakfast table today:

As for me, I look to the LORD for help. I wait confidently for GOD to save me, and my GOD will certainly hear me. Micah 7:7

And Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD.” Exodus 14:13

[Abraham] did not waver at the promise of GOD through unbelief… being fully convinced that what He has promised He was also able to perform. Romans 4:20-21

MY HOPE IS IN YOU by Aaron Shust
(please enjoy his full lyric video here:
https://youtu.be/ugD0i5Y3cw8 )

“I wait for You and my soul finds rest
In my selfishness, You show me grace
I worship You and my heart cries “Glory
Hallelujah, Father, You’re here!”
My hope is in You, LORD
All the day long I won’t be shaken by drought or storm
A peace that passes understanding is my song
And I sing my hope is in You, LORD
I will wait on You
You are my refuge”

What encourages you to trust the LORD when circumstances bring disappointment, fear or pain? How have you experienced His steadying hand to reassure you that His best IS best, even when you can’t see exactly how it will all work out?

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