welcomed to His table

This glimpse behind a delicate curtain – of a table beautifully set, ready to welcome honored guests – reminded me of a precious invitation we receive every LORD’s Day morning. . .

He welcomes us to His table, to come aside from the craziness of life and the world spinning around us, to re-center ourselves around simple tokens, to remember Whose we are.

With every broken piece of bread, we remember that our Savior was broken for us so that we can be whole. With every sip of the cup we remember that our Savior drank it all for us so we can be His.

He speaks to us faithfully and lovingly each time, “I choose you – do you choose Me in return?”

Maybe the Lord’s Supper is not just what He asks of us, but something He longs to give to us – all that He is and all that He has. He longs for us to rejoice in Who He is and what He has accomplished for us – to have eyes only for Him!

reflections from an original post:

#LORDsdaymorning #rememberingHim #invitedtoHistable #seeingonlyHim #Beautythatstillsus #LOVEthatwinsourhearts #Hegaveeverythingforme #whatcanIofferHim #trustingJESUS #coverofHisPresence #heldandbeloved #amazedbyGRACE #lostinwonder

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