more than a number

I set out on my morning run, still fretting about a disappointing number on the scale, looking to the rhythm of the road to drown out those ugly voices.  A mile or so later I pondered how to pace my recovery intervals and had a number stuck in my head.  At 8:17 I’d transition back from a walk to a run.  But in my Monday morning weariness, I was not quite ready to give up a little active rest.  I sensed the nudge to just stay at a walk until the end of the block.  But passing that number on the clock nagged at me.  And I wished I wasn’t so OCD about these things!

His whisper came through steady and clear.  Straight to the heart.

“Are you willing to trust Me more than a number?”

The LORD can prompt me through my run.  He can guide my choices and show me His path for my health journey.  More importantly, He can make it clear how those seemingly little concerns in my life fall into the bigger plan He is always moving forward – with eternal purposes in mind!

If I keep my eyes fixed on Him.

.  .  .

A writing friend took the bold step recently to invest in a conference for creatives. It was costly – requiring precious time and money!  She worked hard to prepare her book proposal, to research publishers, agents and process.  And traveled to attend the weekend with eager anticipation.

She soaked in tons of valuable tools and wise insight from speakers, treasured connections and fellowship with fellow attendees, and sensed answered prayers and blessings from GOD during her time away.

But one of her worst fears came true.  An agent who was excited about her book concept and the details of her carefully prepared proposal, also told her there would be no further conversation about a contract until her platform was bigger.  She needed more followers.  At least 1000 of them!  My friend confessed needing almost a month to process the reality of the book “business.”  The fear of a number almost defeated her, clouding out the beautiful gifts of that weekend.

As she has done with every step in her writing journey, she took this battle to the LORD.  She didn’t want to be slave to a number!  And essentially, His gentle words to her heart were the same.

“Are you willing to trust Me more than a number?”

The LORD can give us words to write.  He can prompt us through the right choices about which channel to pursue in sharing them.  More importantly, He can make it clear how any creative project falls into the bigger plan He is always moving forward – with eternal purposes in mind!

If we keep our eyes fixed on Him!

 .  .  .

Numbers are everywhere.  My daughter’s SAT score.  My son’s fundraising goals.  The best sale price on toilet paper.  My steps or miles in a day.  Or even closer to my heart, the number of people who will come to the home Bible study I’ve prayed over, or the number of people who will read and be encouraged by something I post, or a note that I send.

We all look for confirming and affirming metrics.  But do I stop long enough to realize that there is only one measure that counts?

What most effectively reflects the heart of GOD?  Or touches the heart of GOD?

A number is only meaningful if it tells something of His majesty, reveals something about His character, displays His power, or conveys His boundless love.

Gideon needed less men.  The poor widow with Elisha needed more containers for oil.  David needed only one of his five stones.  Peter needed more fish than he could haul to leave him humbled in awe.  Mary only needed to hear one word, her Savior speaking her name.

Am I willing to trust Him with the numbers?  Will I allow Him to shift my value system?  To not only trust Him more, but to treasure Him more than any number?

If He has my heart, He will also have my trust.  In everything!  Transcending any quantifying number.

Are you willing to trust Him more than a number?

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