the best plan

In the mad dash that has been this year, we have crossed the threshold into June!  I may never have found firm footing, but I rejoice as we look forward to turning the alarm clocks OFF and welcoming a much slower pace.

Already, the backpacks are being cleaned out, school papers sorted and purged, and plans for the summer are falling into place.  We long for a wonderful mix of truly lazy days of summer with fun trips to see favorite faces and places.

I love this time of year, too, because it feels like my best opportunity to “come aside” with the Savior – unhindered!  When nothing is immediately pressing I can linger with an open Bible and my notebook, reading, pondering, digging for answers to new questions, praying for wisdom, and rejoicing in new found truth like it is long lost treasure!  Surrounded by my books (often still in PJs, plopped in the middle of my pillows and covers in a quiet but fully day-lit room! – when else can I actually do that??!?), I can suddenly realize that 2 hours have gone by in a blink.  What a joy!

The more time I spend, the hungrier I get to spend more time with the Lord, pouring over His Word, letting His truth wash over me in refreshing streams.

Those times of quiet study and prayer also get my wheels turning and I think of all sorts of ideas about what else can fill our summer days.  Fun adventures close to home or possibilities further away OR long neglected projects around the house that would be awesome to finally complete – we bounce around those ideas and gather family votes.  How do we make these decisions??

Well… just as that question became a subconscious prayer, the answer came.  I was sorting through my own school papers on the desk, and found a few verses I had written out at the beginning of the year:

Cause me to hear Your loving kindness in the morning

for I trust in You

Cause me to know the way I should walk

for I lift my soul to You

Teach me to do Your will

for You are my God

Lead me into the land of uprightness

for I am Your servant.

– Psalm 143:8, 10, 12 –

A lot of things may take a break over the summer, but our walk with God shouldn’t.  Our schedule may seem open-ended and we may feel free to choose whatever we please to fill those days.  But God’s plans for us are still best.  His desire for us is to know Him, to look to Him, to learn from Him, to live for Him as He directs.  His purposes for us never take a break – and they are always best!

So as I scan our plans, sketchy or more definite, I find myself asking the question – which of these choices helps me to know His loving kindness?  Which helps me to trust Him?  Which gives me the most confidence that I am in step with His eternal purposes?  Which helps me learn from Him, acknowledge Him as my God, serve Him with an upright heart?  Which reminds me and anyone watching that I am the Lord’s servant?

And here is the beautiful thing – if I take the time to ask Him, the Lord will show me which path to choose.  As I map out days for myself or for our family, He will lead us!  We can trust Him.  His plan is always best and it will always lead us to know and love Him more!  Who could ask for a better summer than that?!

His plan is best

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