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A few days ago was my sister’s birthday.  She stepped bravely across the threshold into “50-something” two years ahead of me.  Although I have always loved birthdays and the chance to celebrate (and I do mean CELEBRATE!!!) unique and special people on the one day of the year that belongs exclusively to them, aging is not always fun.  It can be hard.  It brings new joys but also new challenges.  And for some, the “big 5-0” is one of those birthdays that is harder to genuinely embrace and celebrate!

Like many other women, young and old, my sister and I have had our share of chats through the years about body image.  In our culture, it is a full-time job to tune out the constant barrage of what our body size and shape should be, how our faces should look, what clothes are most complimentary and fashion-forward, which hair styles are most attractive.  Aging makes it harder and harder to keep up with so many real or perceived expectations.

Thankfully, my sister and I also share a love for Christ and a firm foundation in His truth that quiets those loud voices all around us.  We have enjoyed the opportunity on many occasions to remind one another where true worth and value are found.  We are marvelously and wondrously exactly who God made us to be and our greatest goals and aspirations of becoming the best version of ourselves should come from only one place – from our Creator!

So on the morning of her birthday, it made me smile deep to find this verse:

“you are perfectly beautiful because of My Splendor with which I have dressed you,” declares the Sovereign Lord. [Ezekiel 16:14]

 We are wrapped in HIS splendor!  God’s glory is what makes us radiant!  Hebrews 1:3 says that “the Son is the radiance [brilliance] of the glory of God, the exact imprint of the very character of God, the exact expression of His nature.”  Wow.  Our Savior dresses us in His own splendor so that we, too, can be an imprint of the character of God, an expression of His very nature.  How thrilling!!!

So as I logged on to send my sister a truly celebratory “happy birthday!!!” on Facebook, I was so thankful for the Lord’s gift of His own words to share with her:

“I was going to say “50 & fabulous!!” (which you are!), but then I found this verse that describes exactly why I think you are so fabulous ~ “you are perfectly beautiful because of My Splendor with which I have dressed you,” declares the Sovereign Lord. [Ezekiel 16:14] ~ you are a class act, always! but what makes you so beautiful is your heart for God and your loving service for Him, touching others with His truth and meeting their needs with His compassion. Our Savior has dressed you with His Splendor and there is nothing more beautiful than that!”

2015-04-18 19.24.56


May each of us catch a fresh glimpse of TRUE BEAUTY today as we behold Christ’s splendor – HE is the One who causes us to radiate His beautiful character and nature… and HE is the One who calls us perfectly beautiful!

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